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Custom Designed Motors

The motors below show the wide range of projects that our custom electric motors can be used for. We work with our clients to produce the most appropriate design for their needs.

Description: High powered, water-cooled electric motor
Use: This motor was designed for light weight vehicles. The brief required minimal maintenance with outstanding perfomance.

Description: Combination Twin Motor Drive system, water-cooled - Green MotorSport
Use: This motor system was designed to replace traditional hot engine systems (petrol/diesel). It is light weight, compact and efficient.

Description: High powered twin drive system built for The Wisper, a 4 wheel drive Westfield sportscar
Use: This motor was designed for an electric hill climb car. Two of these motors were used together, producing a combined output of 200kw

Description: Inline Dual AC Drive Unit
Use: High powered vehicle with expected speeds reaching 140mph

Description: Prototype high powered, liquid-cooled AC induction motor
Use: The proposed use of this motor is confidential

Combination Twin Drive Motor
Description: Design drawing for the prototype induction motor on the left


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