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The Gravitron European style race kart has been designed with passion to give a thrilling and exhilarating experience to any driver. With acceleration that leaves you breathless, this kart will rocket from 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds and will attain speeds in excess of 100 mph. Built on a fully homologated and FIA approved chassis, it has style, class and breeding.

The G60 Race Kart is fitted with an HE DATA 1000 amp controller and an LAAA4002 DC motor. This combination of technology will develop 37 kW - 50 HP. It is possible to program the top speed and acceleration of the kart, making it a suitable vehicle for all driver levels and abilities. The G60 has successfully combined the true racing enthusiasts' need for speed and acceleration with clean and environmentally friendly technology.


  Brushless Controller Fitted
  Charger Supplied
  Batteries Supplied
  Outstanding Performance
  Optional Radio Control Link
  Optional Transportation Trailer
  Optional Speedo and Brake Light


  Professional / Novice Racers
  Racing Teams
  Promotional Events
  Corporate Events, Team Building
  Just For Fun!

AC Controller 550 amps max

Air Cooled AC Motor or
Water Cooled AC Motor

4 Pole

Chassis 28mm Chrome
Braking System Hydraulic, front & rear
Seat Tillet
Nominal Power - Air
Nominal Power - Water
10Kw (13HP)
18Kw (24HP)
Max Power - Air
Max Power - Water
18Kw (24HP)
26Kw (32HP)
Max Speed 100mph / 160kph
Battery / Power Source Options
Sealed Lead Acid Extra weight: 80kg
Lithium Extra weight: 56kg
Charger Options
Input 240 volts - 1 phase 50 amps / 48 volt
Input 415 volts - 3 phase 100 amp / 48 volt
Length 1800mm
Width 1350mm
Weight 94Kg (206lbs)
Race Kart


For more information call +44 (0)1278 804610 to speak to one of our technical engineers or email us at

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